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                       Wichita KS   67209

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Carpet Cleaning

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                              Family owned and operated. 

          Serving Wichita and the surrounding area since 1968!

       24 Hour Emergency Response



  • FREE on-site written estimates by trained service representatives. 

  • Estimates are priced to be competitive, but more importantly, to give you the best service and quality workmanship available.

  • 24-hour emergency response.

  • We utilize 2-man crews (unless unusual situations occur) day and night, 7 days a week.

  • Professional personal appearance requirements.

  • Technicians participate in extensive training programs to insure customer satisfaction through quality workmanship.

  • Scheduled times of arrival to assure customer service.

  • Advanced communication to insure fast and efficient service to our customers.

  • Tailored maintenance programs.

  • Staff follow-up, either in person or by personal phone call to every job completed to insure customer satisfaction.

  • Free consultation for emergency preparedness and/or contingency planning.

  • Certificate of insurance available upon request.

  • Advanced technology utilizing over 21 registered patents.


                                          Our Mission Statement:

    Using Advanced Technology We Are

"Cleaning The World" One Home Or Office At A Time

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